Theta Sigma

at University of Central Florida

Chapter Officers

Ariah Carey


A message from our Chapter President:  Thank you so much for visiting and taking time to learn more about Alpha Xi Delta Theta Sigma Chapter here at the University of Central Florida. Feel free to explore the page and learn more about our sisterhood in which I truly cherish dearly. Alpha Xi Delta represents four core values: sisterhood, leadership, knowledge, and service all across the world. These are values that our members carry out in their daily lives. With the chapter being founded in 1893, we carry out our motto “Realize your potential”, and I must say I especially use this in my everyday life. I ran home to this chapter in fall of 2018 and I could not be happier finding a home within such a big community. This chapter has provided me so many opportunities, room for growth, and even some of my best friends. The chapter has helped me grow and is the reason why I am here today being a confident and determined president. When going through recruitment I constantly mentioned how one day I wanted to be a chapter president. Here I am 3 years later and I am now a president of a chapter that means so much to me. Each and every day I find a new way to realize my potential within this chapter and the community as a whole. I am so incredibly thankful for all this chapter has done for me and I am even more thankful for the girls who have been by my side through my college years. Alpha Xi Delta has given me so much and has brought about an amazing sisterhood here at UCF. I hope everyone can be a part of something in which they feel valued and respected just like this chapter has done for me throughout my years in college. For any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at Xi Love Always, Ariah Carey

Lindsey Davidson

Chapter Life Vice President

Hey everyone my name is Madison Miller and I have the privilege of serving as Alpha Xi Delta’s Chapter Life Vice President! I am currently a senior studying Hospitality Management at UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management. As the Chapter Life Vice President, I am responsible for organizing any chapter events, virtual or in person! I also serve as the head of our risk team in order to ensure our sisters safety and the chapters compliance to nationals policies and procedures. Finally, I have the honor as serving as the Chapter President’s right hand as well as replacement if she should ever need one. Throughout this hard time, Alpha Xi Delta has stayed a constant source of love and support for all of our sisters and I am overwhelmed with gratitude to have been chosen to plan and oversee the events that keep our chapter close!

Gabrielle Peake

Finance and Operations Vice President

Hi! My name is Kathryn Gargiulo and I am honored to be Theta Sigma’s Finance and Operations Vice President for 2021. I am currently a junior here at UCF studying Health Service Administration. As FOVP, I am in charge of all things money-related for the chapter. This entails annual budgets, monthly reports, tax forms, keeping up with member dues, and providing capital for events/merchandise. It is an extremely busy position that I am so so grateful to have. I love being so involved and immersed in this chapter as it has given me and my sisters so much to be grateful for. I am excited to have a great year and continue to lead this chapter with my fellow Executive Board members.

Marin Canfield

Membership Vice President

Hi! I’m Ariah Carey a Junior at UCF. I’m currently studying Health Administration with a minor in Health Sciences. I am very excited to have the opportunity to lead Theta Sigma in recruitment. I oversee all aspects of formal and COB recruitment and ensure we are recruiting new members who will excel in our chapter and help them to realize their potential. Alpha Xi Delta has helped me reach my potential through leadership and the bonds I have formed with my sisters, and my goal is to help our current and potential members also reach their potential.

Grace Galloway

Member Development Vice President

Hi! My name is Grace Galloway, and I am a sophomore at UCF studying Elementary Education! I am honored to be the Member Development Vice President of the Alpha Xi Delta Theta Sigma chapter for the 2021 - 2022 term! As Member Development Vice President, my main role is to inspire chapter members to live and learn the values of Alpha Xi Delta. I also have the honor of overseeing new member education, ritual appreciation, academics, and the overall Member Development education plan. By the end of my term, I hope to broaden the education of chapter members and foster individual development so that each member can achieve her highest potential. I ran home to Alpha Xi Delta Theta Sigma in the Fall of 2020 and have been an involved member ever since. Alpha Xi Delta has given me so many amazing opportunities and resources, and I am forever grateful that I decided to go through recruitment and join Greek life! I have truly found my home away from home, friends that I will cherish for a lifetime, and an amazing support system to aid me in my college years and beyond. This chapter and the wonderful women in it have truly pushed me to realize my potential as a leader and as a woman navigating college, and I am so excited to serve in this position and encourage and inspire other sisters to realize their potential as well. Xi love and mine!

Hannah Feingold

Panhellenic Delegate

Hi! My name is Ryanne Jaffal and I’ve been given the honor to service as Alpha Xi Delta, Theta Sigma’s Panhellenic Delegate for the 2020-2021 school year. I’m currently a junior majoring in Legal Studies, on a pre-law track with plans to attend law school after I’ve graduated from UCF. The role of the Panhellenic Delegate is dedicated to building and maintaining relations with chapters outside of my own in the Panhellenic community, with IFC, NPHC, and DGC. I attend bi-weekly Panhellenic meetings to interact with women in the Panhellenic community. I represent my chapter in the Panhellenic community and I keep both my executive council as well as my chapter members well informed on what is taking place in the Panhellenic community. I keep constant communication between my chapter and Pan, DGC, NPHC, and IFC, to communicate about events taking place. The people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve gained so far has made me feel so honored to serve in this position. I want to leave this position having made a change and having encouraged that unity and cooperation through collaboration with the chapters in the Panhellenic community. The Panhellenic community as a whole is filled with so much love and support and creates a feeling of home within UCF. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to serve and represent my chapter in the Panhellenic community. - Ryanne Jaffal

Leah Adams

Communications Vice President

Hi everyone! I’m Leah Adams and I’m so excited to serve as Alpha Xi Delta, Theta Sigma’s Communications Vice President. I am currently a sophomore studying advertising and public relations at the University of Central Florida. As Communications Vice President, I focus on all of Theta Sigma’s social media platforms, graphic design, parent and alumnae relations, photography, merchandise and videography for this amazing chapter. Growing up, I’ve always loved exploring my creative side and this position is only helping me strengthen my passion in communications. It is such an honor to be able to hold an executive position that allows me to help grow not only myself, but my sisters too. Each and every day, I continue to realize my potential and I thank Theta Sigma for pushing me to be the very best sister, student and leader I can be. I am so thankful to hold such an amazing position and work along such hardworking and strong group of women. XOXI, Leah Adams

Mallory Siegert

Philanthropy Vice President

Hi everyone, I'm Alpha Xi Delta’s newest Philanthropy Vice President. I am currently a junior at UCF studying Health Service Administration with hopes of attending Graduate school. I’m originally from Iowa, so moving all the way to Florida was definitely an adjustment. My sisters made UCF feel like home right away. Alpha Xi has always given me opportunities to serve, and that’s one of the main reasons I wanted this position. I think it’s so important to be well rounded philanthropically, and Alpha Xi Delta gives sisters the opportunity to participate in so many service opportunities supporting so many amazing causes. Two experiences that have stood out to me during my time in Alpha Xi Delta are Football FrenXi week (fall 2021) and participating in Knight-Thon the past three years with my sisters. Both events displayed our sisters' passion for service and volunteering and overall compassion for others which is hard to find these days. I look forward to seeing this same teamwork and compassion during my time as PVP.